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During 11 years in the tech industry, Yury worked as a software engineer, engineering team lead, head of regional branch and lead of engineering department.
This experience gave versatile expertise in engineering and management. In 2009 Yury realized the value of Agile approaches and focused on Agile as a philosophy and working method. As the partner of SCRUMguides, Yury has been helping clients to build efficient processes and strong teams since 2016.

TOPIC: Culture eats processes for breakfast

The original expression “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is credited to Peter Drucker.

But culture is an omnivorous lady and would not pass on anything.
And it’s always there. Even if it’s not written down in paper. And if it is, there are perhaps two kinds of culture in a company: one is on paper, and another one is real life.

Everything goes through a prism of culture. Whatever happens, company culture always puts its footprint and influences it.

If covering one’s back prospers in a company, then any, even the best, ideal and perfectly implemented process will be used to cover one’s back.

If it’s common to micromanage, then one can implement super-duper scrum, tasks will be pushed to developers.

I will share my story of a process I implemented which was eaten by culture, and also how you can ally with it.

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