Vasyl is in software development industry since 2000. Since 2010, Vasyl is the CEO and co-owner at INSART. Under his lead, INSART became a FinTech & Java engineering company and helped to meet long-term software development goals for more than 30 companies in the USA and Western Europe. He is also a co-founder of Kharkiv IT Cluster and helps to develop and promote Kharkiv as a comfortable location for doing IT business. He holds Master degrees in System Analysis & Computer Science and in Finance.

TOPIC: FinTech for Wealth Management: Robo-Advisors Are Eating Our Jobs


  1. Financial technologies are not only about Blockchain. What are other disrupting trends for FinTech?
  2. What is Wealth Management?
  3. How WealthTech companies disrupt financial and investment management with Robo-advisors?

TOPIC: Finding a Blue Ocean: Why Niche Expertise Matters


  1. Options for the development of a small outsourcing company (50-100 people)
  2. Why and how to find your niche in outsourcing
  3. Example of leaving in FinTech specialization in INSART and what it gives us
  4. Domain engineering: methodology for accumulating expertise for re-use

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