President AllStars-IT Group

20 years of leadership experience in Software Product Development and Product Market Launch.14 years of leading and managing the International IT Services Group- AllStars-IT and its subsidiaries: TestPro , Cyber Stars , AllStars-IT Ukraine.

Working partnership with hundreds of clients ensuring successful delivery of multidisciplinary technological projects in various verticals: Military, Financial, Governmental, Telecom & Communication, Industrial and more. Conducting a high-scalable ALM, including Financial and HR management of hundreds of Engineers.

Wide experience within European, Israeli, Russian and the US markets.
Providing business transformation for boosting profits ensuring a sustainable growth.
Wide experience in global affiliate programs and business relations with international partners.

TOPIC: How to build a network that sells ICT to Giants as Intel, Motorola, SAP and others

ABOUT: The 10 points how to get a Giant Client

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