Crossover Country General Manager

I’m a growth hacker with digital marketing, project management, UX design and a bit of software development background. During my career journey, I had a chance to sell-create more than 200 digital projects (e-commerce apps, mobile apps, social games, corporate identities etc… ) by building teams of international talent.
Currently working as Country General Manager for Crossover where I had a successful launch campaign following with more than 1700 senior software developer interviews and 70+ senior level hires in Turkey.
Going further, I took over operations in Ukraine, Pakistan and Egypt to find top software engineering talent in these countries. Working hard to achieve my personal goal of operating in every single continent on earth.

TOPIC: How to successfully manage geographically dispersed and multicultural teams

Over 2 200 people from 110 countries, working full time like a clock… 100% remote. How’s this even possible? How to assure productivity and stability of remote teams? How to simplify workflows? I’d love to walk through Crossover’s way of working and technology in this short session for you.

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