Sergei Ostapenko

Founder &CEO PulsarFour Group

Entrepreneur and active investor in IT professional services and start-ups. Built and led IT services companies in ecommerce technology in the US and in Europe over the past decade. Over 20 years of finance and operational management experience in CPG, direct selling, financial services, media, software global companies.

Professional interests: predictive intelligence and machine learning, retail transformation, disruptive technologies, change management in professional services organizations.

Credo: Never Stop!

Personal interests: adventure expeditions and overlanding, offroad racing, building world-class teams that share amazing experiences.

Permanent Base: San Francisco Bay Area.

Presentation topic:

1. Speech: “Build a Valuable Professional Services Firm – from its concept to an exit through acquisition”

2. Workshop:  “Winning Strategies and Best Practices for Serving the US Market”

Presentation topic:
1. – Key elements of value in a successful IT service company: product, process, people.

– Legal and financial aspects of founding a workable setup, pitfalls to avoid, best practices.

– A founder’s dilemma.

– Talented individuals vs. “resources” – market stigmas, myths; what works.

– In search of capable management talent – siren songs and other tales.

– A company at its prime: predictive metrics and controls, growth vs stability.

– Managing in time of crisis, painful moments of truth, cash controls and risk management.

– Sales, sales, sales – what works and what definitely does not in US and EU markets.

– Dealing with M&A, investors & sharks – in search of true value.

– Fixing issues while the runway is there – urgency of changes, the time is NOW.

– You’re done, now what? Audacity of hope: trends and bullshit in our exciting space.


2. – Hygiene factors in the US enterprise IT services selling.

– How to form a compelling USP and focusing on a right target market segment in your services domain.

– Street-smart competitive intelligence, tools, and efficiency in marketing your services.

– Communicating at the C-level with a Fortune 1000 US company: having a chance at it without killing yourself.

– Working with US-based clients: recognize, know, anticipate – key factors in becoming a trusted advisor.

– Hiring your sales & business development personnel in the US – war scars from people who have done it.

– Cultural archetypes and heroes: how Grinch stole Christmas, does Santa really exist and other tales.

– Best practices for owners and CEO’s in managing their sales pipeline: filtering the noise out.

– Alternative business models and practices to selling direct in the US: dealing with partners, agents, tiered commission structures.

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