Valyman Consulting – Sales & Marketing Consultant

Manuel De Vits, a Belgian citizen who took a new challenge in life by coming to live and to work in Ukraine. Starting from zero as sales in the IT industry after a successful Sales career in Europe, Manuel put all his experience, training and knowledge in B2B sales for IT Companies in Kharkiv. Quickly his sales methods, his discipline and envy to succeed got results and he started to make himself known. He was asked to give some speech and lessons for salespersons in the IT Environnement. An article on about him and his experience was read by more than 24000 readers (same article had about the same number of readers on the “dark net”. In November 2016, Manuel was asked by Outsource People Kyiv 2016 conference to come as speaker, he was nominated also for the Award of Sales & Marketing Guru of the Year. As result, Manuel won the Award and received also the title of best speaker. Even with this success, Manuel stayed very close to the salespeople and motivate them. Now, following the demand, Manuel concentrates his time helping IT Companies in Ukraine, coaching, motivating their sales team but also, building strong sales process that brings revenues.

TOPIC: “Stop saying I Wish & Start saying I Will”

  1. Stay Humble.
  2. Hustle hard​.​
  3. ​Success = No rocket science – No Secrets​.​
  4. ​The cycle of sales​.​
  5. Storytelling​.​
  6. 1 great concept! Winning as a team​!

TOPIC: “Build your relationship with the customer/prospect” – Workshop

  1. A vision of the relationship
  2. Understanding of EMPATHY
  3. Communication 2.0
  4. Smart follow up
  5. ocial Selling ​

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