Manuel De Vits

Manuel De Vits – Founder / Coach / Consultant / Keynote Speaker / Mentor (Marketing, Sales & Management) у Valyman Consulting.

Manuel De Vits is a Belgian sucessful salesperson. When deciding to move to IT, his deals in B2B Automotive Industry for companies like Carrefour, Auchan, Vodafone, Telefonica, Atos, Glaxo went up ± 3.600.000€ per a deal.

In IT he also quickly became a success. Because of a Ukrainian wife he decided to focus on increasing sales of Ukrainian IT Outsourcing companies.

Currently he is:

— coaching 10 sales teams in Ukraine + 2 in Belarus, and building their sales strategy including Lead Gen with filling their sales pipeline with more than 1200 qualified leads / per month

— a partner of Talent.Today (Ukrainian company) for Western Europe

— a consultant for Outbound Sales Strategy for d:evolute (German Outsourcing Company, Berlin)

— hired for a 6 months mission for a Luxembourg automotive group (Opened 5 show room with hiring, coaching and managing 25 Sales)

— building the sales division and outbound sales strategy for the new Internal recruitment agency of a Luxembourg IT Company, world leader in video streaming.

Manuel is coaching not only Ukrainian sales. He recently conducted a very successful MasterClass on Sales Technics, Lead Generation, Communication, Market analyse, Cold Call 2.0, Sales strategy, Sales Process in Brussels for Belgium audiences.

Manuel was also recognized as a Sales Professional and Speaker by wider Ukrainian IT audiences. He was given the Award of Sales & Marketing Guru of the Year and the Best Speaker of the Conference on Outsource People Conference 2016 in Kyiv, his article on DOU was read by more than 24000 readers.

Presentation topic:

1. Speech: “Guerilla Sales & Marketing”.
2. Workshop: “Visiting Prospects & Sales at Conferences”.

Presentation Description:

  1. Everything we do is selling . The power of following up . The psychology behind any sales, Motivation . The cross of SMM & Sales, where the magic happen.
  2. About topic for workshop: .Social Seling . Time Management . Cold messaging / Cold emailing – Stop to sell . Building your relationship. Lead Generation – Prospecting . Visiting Prospects – conferences abroad: how to build a great roadshow with lots of meetings & new contacts and generate great revenues.

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