CFO/Partner Coppertino, Softorino, Stanfy, SupportYourAppA

Liubomyr started his employment career in 2005,returning to Ukraine after one-year working training program in the USA. Deloitte&Touche became the first company, soon he has been working on his financial career. Currently Liubomyr is a financial director of Stanfy, Coppertino, Softorino, SupportYourApp companies. Owner of and author of his” Love and Budget” book”

TOPIC: Service payment of Ukrainian and American lawyers. What? Where? When?


  • When you need a lawyer and when you can everything by yourself;
  • When to use particular lawyers;
  • Job prices of American lawyers –useful websites(legal zoom, upcouncel, rocketlawyer)
  • Case from practical experience: infraction of non-hire clause.

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