Klymkiv Lidiia

Klymkiv Lidiia – Axon Partners law firm, partner.

Life before Axon Partners: Juscutum, Lviv University, Jagiellonian University, TNEU And something else you should know: passionate fan of all kinds and not just walking trips and lover of literature.

Presentation topic:  How General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect the outsourcing business in Ukraine: what client’s data protection requirements you should be prepared to, will it be help to participate in Privacy Shield and will the standard data processing agreements that your client’s ask to sign be a live saver.

Presentation Description:

  1.  GDRP – what to expect from the main amendments in the EU personal data protection legislation that will take effect as of 25 May 2018
  2. What are the Data Processing Agreements and Standard Contractual Clauses that the clients from EU will ask to sign, are there any other mechanisms of personal data protection for the companies that will work with the EU clients.
  3. What is the effect of the Privacy Shield registration in all this fuss about the GDPR

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