Іван Веркалець


Co-Founder, CTO at COAX Software

If you also believe in cooperation between business and IT, I will show you how to do it right. Connecting visionary enterprise architecting and strategic leading is my main mission. I am passionate about using continuous innovation to help companies compete and win at all stages of growth. There is nothing more exciting to me than leading the creation of elegant and innovative products that grow businesses by delivering value to millions of users.

Тема доповіді: “Як продавати сервіс для CTO. Рецепти від CTO”

Тези доповіді:

  • Чому варто продавати тех.директорам;
  • підходи до продаж;
  • на що варто звертати увагу;
  • якими інструментами оперувати.

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