Gary Jones

Gary Jones – IPS and AISS (American International Sales School) – Director.

Gary has been training Business Soft Skills for over 25 years around the world. In the last ten years he has concentrated in the IT Industry around the world. His training has taken him to China, India, Western and Eastern Europe as well as his home in the USA.
He has written two books, been an author for a National Business Magazine in the USA and had his own radio talk show in the USA. He has been on TV in both the USA as well as in Europe.

Presentation topic: Selling in the USA (Why you are not getting projects from the USA?)

Presentation Description: 

1) What you should not do?
2) What you should do?
3) Why your marketing plan is failing?

Workshop Sales & Marketing

Presentation Description:
1) The workshop will discuss the differences in Marketing and Sales.
2) We will create a good marketing plan for you.
3) Therefore when you leave you will have a great marketing plan for your company.
4) Next we will work on your sales plan.

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