CEO at SECL Group

One year of living in the West
Presentation Description
  •  Just getting there almost does not change anything.
  • Networking is the basis of sales
  •  Recommendations are more important than you thought
  •  Western people are very slow. Especially in Canada
  • Our sales managers will not sell anything abroad
  •  One country – many restrictions
  •  How to sell locally and why it’s not easy
  •  Search for local partners
  •  Opening an office with a minimum budget
  •  Regional differences in one country
  • Attitude to the visitors and how to blend in with the locals?
  •  Economic recoupment and conclusions
  •  Should one go to live in clients’ countries?

For over 13 years, he has been professionally engaged in outsourcing.

CEO of the SECL Group, an international company ( with offices in Canada and Ukraine, organizer of networking tours for IT Entrepreneurs (, author of a sales blog (

Speaker of IForum, Outsource People, Bynet Week and other major conferences.

The author of more than 50 articles in Forbes Magazine, Business magazine, Six Revisions, AIN, HaberHabr, and others.

Nikita Semenov

KIOF 2017

KIOF 2017

“Почему продавать аутсорс стало сложнее и будет еще хуже”
Kyiv Outsourcing Forum 2017