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David Braun

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MARKETING – is the science that studies demands of the customers.

ADAPTIVE MARKETING – by default all marketing must be adaptive. Adaptive – is the key word here. It means that during one day I can have a meeting with five different customers. I should be able to instantly adapt the offer of our company to completely different poles.

The tips for the company that seriously thinks of marketing:

  1. You should trap a victim
  2. Learn one thing – Customer Acquisition Costs – it means to understand what is the value of a customer? Here we include: Google Adwords, payments to Sales managers, any phone calls and others.
    In the USA a business is measured by two variables: Customer Acquisition Costs and Long Life Value. In case these two numbers become comparable – no one will deal with this kind of business, as it has a high risk.
  3. The next issue – Customers come but do not buy anything.
  4. Adaptive Customer Segmentation. In Marketing we use the notion of “Customer Avatar” – you should draw and describe your customer using a couple of variables. It is good to segment all the customers that come – in order to decrease the transaction costs of a customer adaptation without losing its effectiveness. There is no need in segmentation for the sake of segmentation. A customer himself does not require segmentation. The process of segmentation is required for the company.

Case for each segment:

  • Roles: Describe each customer’s role in decision making process. Your messages should be adapted to your customers’ interests. You do not buy outsourcing, you buy a kind of big vision for this manager. Gthe main problem is that people try to sell at first, but we can say it is forbidden to sell. The process is called – customer discovery, it should take at least 80% of your negotiations, when you try to learn maximum information about your customer, forget about your sales.
  • Jobs: Identify positions, place of work, type of responsibility, budget planning, funds, etc. In case you do not know this kind of information, you will offer unnecessary products to your customer, which he is not interested in.
  • Niches: Try to identify a niche for each segment, what is the biggest challenge there?
  • Challenges: What drives them? What is success for them? Where do they get inspiration from?

Only then you can compose your target adaptive messages.

80 % of your offer is reusable – which means can be applied to each customer, but very important – the first few sentences should give your knowledge about the customer and your objectives.

A sales manager should speak the same language with a customer, that is understand major peculiarities of his job.

The major really serious problem is – most of the sales managers tell the same things to all types of customers, not defining any differences.
The speaker started as a sales manager and at first also worked according to the universal scheme of advertising and offering a product. Also he had one leaflet for all the presentations, after he realized that his offer should be directed to each customer individually, his company prepared 9 types of leaflets, and it worked out.

Traffic Channels: you should know where to find your target audience, the strategy is very simple. A sales manager should get acquainted with different people from a system. No contact will be useless, as it can lead to other contacts and good sales agreements as a result.

David Braun – Board Member at TemplateMonster