Boris Kontsevoi

Boris Kontsevoi – Founder and President of Intetics Co.

Mr. Kontsevoi is a Founder and President of Intetics Co. Under his leadership a group of software engineers developed into a truly global technology company with multiple professional certifications and industry awards, including Global Outsourcing 100 and Top 100 Global Services company. For the impressive growth Intetics demonstrated over the years, Boris received an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award from The Business Ledger in 2009 and the reward Gamechanger Of The Year from ACQ5 in 2017. Boris has over 30 years of managing experience and about 40 scientific publications. He was a featured speaker at several international conferences. He holds a Master’s degree in Radiophysics and Computer Science from the Belarus State University and certificates in project management from Aspen (ISIM) University, Colorado, USA. He is Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP), a professional designation awarded by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) to leading outsourcing practitioners that demonstrated ability to design, implement and manage successful outsourcing initiatives. Boris also serves as IAOP’s Eastern European Chapter Chair and, during last 14 years, as a Distinguished Judge of WebAward Competition conducted by Web Marketing Association. He is also a member of IAOP, the Outsourcing Institute, NOA and several other professional and community organizations.

Presentation topic:

1. Outsourcing Industry and Its Trends.
2. Q&A off-stage.
3. And a special and secret meeting after NDA signed “on the spot”.

Presentation Description:

Topic 1:

  • vision of a 30 year outsourcing professional and CEO of one of the leading outsourcing companies;

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